Brook Bennet - fucking the daddy of her schoolfriend!

When Mr. Cortez comes home, his daughter isn't there but her friend is swimming in the pool. Mr. Cortez hasn't seen Brook in a bikini before, and he realizes that she's all grown up now. As for Brook, she realizes that her girlfriend's dad is very muscular and very sexy, and when he goes upstairs to take a shower, she sneaks in after him to get a look at him naked - and she really likes what she sees. She makes her move, coming into the bathroom as he's drying himself.

Brook lets Mr. Cortez know how much she wants him. He's a little unsure at first - after all, she's his daughter's friend and he watched her grow up - but he just can't keep resisting that fresh 18 year old pussy. He pulls her to the bedroom where she discovers that his cock is bigger than the boys she dates. She can't wait to suck it, and soon he's pushing it in and out of her mouth, fucking her face. Brook loves giving this very hot older man a blowjob, but she's also very horny. After a while, she climbs on top of him and starts riding his rod. Then he turns her over to fuck her from behind.
Mr. Cortez brings his daughter's friend to an intense orgasm before he finally
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