Stephanie gets back from her prom and discovers that she doesn't have the money to pay the car driver!

She has to do something, so she goes to her parents' next door neighbor, Mr. Egan, for the money. Mr. Egan loans her the money, but he doesn't believe she's going to pay him back so he comes up with an alternate solution. After double checking to make sure that Stephanie has turned 18, he's willing to accept his repayment in sexual favors. And while she's shocked at first, Stephanie is no virgin, so she doesn't mind. She starts giving the older man a blowjob and a little deepthroat. Mr. Egan likes that, but he's not willing to settle. He has her climb on top of his cock and starts riding it and you can see she likes fucking him. Then he takes control and pounds that tight little pussy of hers till she's wet and ready to orgasm. He slams her from behind and she cums on his cock, her cunt squeezing his rod again and again as she cries out in pleasure. Finally he shoots a huge load on her face till it's dripping down her chin!

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